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Requirements for Installing SSSE Components in a Cluster Configuration

You can use SSSE in either clustered environments or nonclustered environments. Performance for SSSE in a clustered environment is roughly comparable to performance in a nonclustered environment that has multiple servers running the PIMSI Engine and the Siebel DCOM Exchange Connector components.

When installing SSSE components in a clustered environment, ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Install PIMSI Dispatcher in an active-passive server cluster.

    In an active-passive server cluster, one server actively runs applications and services and the stand-by server is idle unless the active server fails. This cluster configuration is required because only one instance of the PIMSI Dispatcher component can run in the Enterprise. For information on server clustering, see Siebel Deployment Planning Guide.

  • If applicable to your environment, register the Siebel DCOM Exchange Connector components in the system registry of all computers that run the DCOM Exchange Connector applications. For information on this task, see Step 3 of the topic Configuring the Exchange Connector DCOM Settings.
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