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About Creating, Modifying, or Deleting a Task Record

You can add a new task record, change an existing task record, or remove a task record in either Siebel Business Applications or in Microsoft Outlook. Synchronization is automatic for task (to do activity) records that are created in Siebel Business Applications. For task records that are created in Microsoft Outlook, whether or not synchronization is automatic depends on the following:

  • If your administrator has enabled inbound activity filtering or the Opt-in feature, you must enter a valid value in the Category field to indicate that the task is to be synchronized. For additional information, see About Inbound Activity Filtering and About Using the Opt-in Feature.
  • If you select the Private check box for the record, and if the administrator has enabled the Ignore private records option for the Task domain, the record is not synchronized. For additional information, see About the Ignore Private Records Feature.

About Creating or Modifying a Recurring Task Record

Siebel Business Applications do not support recurring activities except for the calendar domain, but Microsoft Outlook and Exchange do. If you set a task recurrence in Microsoft Outlook, when that task is synchronized, a single, one-time activity record with a Display In value of To Do and Activities is created in Siebel Business Applications.

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