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Assigning Tasks to Other Users

You can assign tasks to other users in either Siebel Business Applications or in Microsoft Outlook. During synchronization, SSSE makes the appropriate changes in Siebel Business Applications or Microsoft Exchange Server.

In Microsoft Outlook, you assign a task by clicking Assign Task and then filling in the To field. If you select the Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list check box, then the task appears on both your own and the assignee's task list.

In Siebel Business Applications, you assign a to do activity by changing the Owner to another person. If you change the owner of an activity in the Siebel application, the activity appears in your My Delegated Activities view and the assignee's My Activities view.

If you assign a task to more than one person in Microsoft Outlook, when synchronized, SSSE creates multiple to do activities in the Siebel application because Siebel Business Applications do not support more than one owner for each task.

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