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Synchronization of Contact Phone Numbers

This topic describes how contact phone numbers are formatted and displayed when SSSE synchronizes business or personal contacts between Microsoft Outlook and Siebel Business Applications.

Inbound Synchronization

When SSSE synchronizes a Microsoft Outlook contact, the contact phone numbers are displayed in Siebel Business Applications as follows:

  • If the Microsoft Outlook contact number does not contain a country code, the default country code is used and an informational message is logged. The default country code is the country code of the system locale in which the SSSE Engine is running.
  • If the Microsoft Outlook contact number contains a country code, the number is formatted using that country code.

    If a PHONE_FORMAT LOV is configured for the country code, the phone number is formatted using the configured value. If a PHONE_FORMAT LOV is not configured, the phone number is formatted as a custom phone number. For information on specifying phone-number formats, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

  • If a formatted contact number plus any format string is larger than the maximum length defined for the field, the number is trimmed and a message is logged.
  • If the country code is null and the contact phone number starts with 0, a country code is not added to the number.
  • Phone numbers that are not formatted and that are less than 10 characters in length are padded with x characters. SSSE attempts to reformat such numbers.

Outbound Synchronization

Phone numbers that are exported from Siebel Business Applications to Microsoft Outlook are formatted as international numbers containing the + country code indicator and the country code.

If the country code cannot be determined, the number is exported with just the + country code indicator character preceding the phone number. In cases where the country code can be determined, it is included and is space-delimited from the rest of the number.

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