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Siebel Search End-User Experience

The Search Center is a central location where users can perform searches and queries on configured data sources. The user may enter a full-text query in the Search box, or may click the Advanced Search link, and perform a search against single or multiple categories and data sources. The Look In drop-down list displays categories in the following order: Find Objects, which are database queries, followed by Search Categories which have been indexed and can be queried against. The search categories map to individual business components. Multiple search categories can be grouped into logical collections, to enable a single search to be executed against multiple search categories. The Look In field is preconfigured with different search categories, depending on the Siebel Business Application. The search categories can be configured by the administrator in the Search Definition view of the Search Administration UI. Users can perform queries against Siebel business component records from anywhere in their Siebel application.

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