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Assigning Weighting to Search Fields

The Search Index Settings view enables different weights to be defined for each searchable field in the search criteria, determining the field's ranking in the search results. For example, in the Service Request Category, a weighting of 100 could be assigned to the Description field and a weighting of 30 could be assigned to the Abstract field, to rank the Description field higher in the search results, and thereby make the results more relevant. The search is executed first against the fields that have more weighting.

To assign weighting to search fields

  1. Navigate to Administration - Search > Search Index Settings.
  2. Select the Search Category for which field weightings are to be configured in the Search Index Settings applet.

    The fields for that Search Category are displayed in the Available Fields applet.

  3. Enter a Weighting for each field in the Weighting factor column. The available weightings and corresponding rankings are described in the table below.
    Numeric Weighting

    80 - 100

    Very high

    60 - 79


    40 - 59


    20 - 39


    0 - 19

    Very low

  4. Select Save Record on the Available Fields drop down menu.
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