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Process of Implementing Web Single Sign-On

This topic outlines the tasks involved in implementing a Web SSO authentication system. The process outlined in this topic provides instructions for implementing and testing Web SSO authentication for a single Siebel application, using Microsoft Windows Integrated Authentication as your Web SSO solution. You can repeat the appropriate instructions in this process to provide Web SSO access to additional Siebel Business Applications. The instructions in this process implement the following basic configuration:

  • Microsoft IIS Web server is deployed on Windows 2003. The Microsoft IIS Web server functions as the authentication service.
  • The Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) directory server and the Web server are installed on different computers. The ADSI directory functions as a directory of users for the following functions:
    • Authenticates Web server users.
    • Provides the Siebel user ID and the database account for authenticated Web server users.
  • The ADSI security adapter communicates between the authentication manager and the ADSI directory.

NOTE:  Implement Web SSO in a development environment before deploying it in a production environment.

To implement and test Web SSO, perform the following tasks:

  1. Verify that all requirements are met.

    See Requirements for Implementing Web SSO in a Specified Environment.

  2. (Optional) Creating Protected Virtual Directories.
  3. Set up third-party Web SSO authentication.
  4. Review About Creating a Database Login.
  5. Setting Up the ADSI Directory.
  6. Creating Users in the Directory.
  7. Adding User Records in the Siebel Database.
  8. Setting Authentication Parameters in the SWSE Configuration File (eapps.cfg).
  9. Configure authentication parameters, using one of the following methods:
  10. Restarting Servers.
  11. Testing Web SSO Authentication.
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