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About Migrating from Database to LDAP or ADSI Authentication

When you install your Siebel Business Applications, three security adapters are provided for user authentication: a database security adapter, an ADSI security adapter, and an LDAP security adapter. The database security adapter is enabled by default. If you want to implement LDAP or ADSI security adapter authentication for a Siebel application that was previously configured to use database authentication, review the information in this topic.

There are a number of issues that you have to consider in deciding the most appropriate authentication method for your Siebel implementation, for example, some features, such as user self-registration, are unavailable with database authentication while some components, such as batch and system management components, must use database authentication. For information on the benefits and limitations of different security adapter authentication options, review the following topics:

Migrating from Database to LDAP or ADSI Authentication

Migrating a Siebel application from database authentication to LDAP or ADSI authentication involves the same steps as those outlined in Process of Implementing LDAP or ADSI Security Adapter Authentication. In addition, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Migrate your users from the Siebel database to the external directory server; ensure that you create an entry in the external directory for each user to be authenticated.
  2. (Optional) Archive any Siebel user database accounts from the Siebel database that are not required for LDAP or ADSI authentication.

    CAUTION:  Do not archive the default Siebel administrator account, SADMIN, or the default database account that is used by Siebel LDAP and ADSI security adapters to connect to the Siebel database, for example, LDAPUSER. These database accounts are required when using LDAP or ADSI authentication.

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