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Process of Configuring User and Credentials Password Hashing

This topic describes how to implement password hashing for user passwords or for database credentials, and how to specify the default hashing algorithm.

Configuration parameters for all security adapters provided with Siebel Business Applications, and for custom security adapters you implement, specify the password hashing settings in effect. For LDAP or ADSI authentication, parameters are specified for the security adapter. For database authentication, the relevant parameters are specified for a data source referenced from the database security adapter, rather than specified directly for the security adapter.

To configure password hashing, perform the following tasks:

  1. Review Guidelines for Password Hashing
  2. Perform either or both of the following tasks, as appropriate:

Some steps in these procedures, such as those for setting configuration parameter values using Siebel Server Manager, can alternatively be accomplished by using the Siebel Configuration Wizard.

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