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Installing the Web Server

Before installing the SWSE, you need to install, configure, and start the supported Web server software on the designated machine. Follow the vendor documentation for this task, and also refer to relevant information in this chapter.

For the best performance and scalability, put the Web server on a dedicated machine.

Some Web server configuration tasks are also included in Postinstallation Tasks for the SWSE and the Web Server.

Editing the httpd.conf File for Apache-Based Web Servers

For Apache-based Web servers, to configure the Web server for use with the SWSE, you must edit the Web server configuration file httpd.conf. This file contains configuration directives for the Web server. Detailed information about the directives in httpd.conf is available at

The httpd.conf file is located in the conf subdirectory under the Web server installation directory or instance directory. Some example paths are shown below (exact paths may vary).

  • For IBM HTTP Server, the httpd.conf file is located in a directory like /usr/IBMIHS/conf.
  • For HP Apache Web Server, the httpd.conf file is located in a directory like /opt/hpws/apache32/conf.
  • For Oracle HTTP Server, the httpd.conf file is located in a directory like /vol2/smithjones/dohs/web/ohs/conf.

Specifying the Character Set Encoding for Apache-Based Web Servers

Apache-based Web servers may ship with the default character encoding setting AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1 in the httpd.conf configuration file. For nonresident user interface languages, this setting makes some static content, such as launch pop-ups, About boxes, and help pages display incorrectly. Complete the procedure that follows to reset this for non-Western languages.

To specify a different character encoding setting

  1. Open httpd.conf with a text editor, such as vi.
  2. Locate the line AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1 and comment it out by placing a number sign (#) character at the beginning of the line.
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart the server.

Specifying SWSE Port Number for Apache-Based Web Servers

If a different port is specified for SWSE, you also need to make the following modifications in the httpd.conf file.

To specify a different port number for SWSE

  • Modify the following two lines in the httpd.conf file:




    • Listen = IP Address of the Web server machine
    • ServerName = Machine name
    • PortNumber = Port number

      For example:

Adding Domain Name for Oracle iPlanet Web Server

For Oracle iPlanet Web Server installations, add the domain name to either /etc/hosts or resolve.conf.

Finding the Web Server Listening Port Number on Oracle iPlanet Web Server

During SWSE configuration, you are prompted to provide the listening port number for your Web server. You can find this number using the following procedure.

To find the Web server listening port number on Oracle iPlanet Web Server

  1. Open the server.xml file located under the config subdirectory of your Web server instance.
  2. Locate the line port=port_number.


    • port_number = A number for your listening port
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