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Running Console Installation from the Command Line

This topic is part of Installing and Configuring in Console Mode.

This topic describes how to run the unattended installation from the command line.

The following procedure describes the installation of the Siebel application in console mode. This topic applies to Siebel Enterprise Server and Siebel Web Server Extension.

Optionally, you can configure unattended configuration to be launched by the installer, as described in Editing siebel.ini Files for Unattended Installation and Configuration.

To install in console mode

  1. Open a new shell and navigate to the Siebel image location for the current software version. Then navigate to the directory where the main installer is located.

    For example, for Solaris, navigate to Siebel_Image/Solaris/Server/Siebel_Enterprise_Server.


    • Siebel_Image = The directory for your version-specific Siebel network image, such as
  2. Execute the following command:

    ./setupUNIX_OS -is:javaconsole -console -args SS_SETUP_INI=installer_siebel.ini_path


    • UNIX_OS = Your UNIX operating system, such as aix (AIX), hp (HP-UX), linux (Linux), or sol (Solaris).
    • installer_siebel.ini_path = The full path, including the file name, to the installer siebel.ini file you edited in Editing siebel.ini Files for Console Mode Installation.

      NOTE:  There must be no spaces before and after the equals sign in the command.

      For example, for AIX you might enter:

    ./setupaix -is:javaconsole -console -args SS_SETUP_INI=/export/home/Siebel_Install_Image/

    Optionally, you can append additional flags to your command. For more information, see Command-Line Options for Siebel Installers and Wizards.

    The console mode installation user interface appears. For information about specific prompts, see Installing Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components and other chapters.

  3. If unattended configuration is not configured in the siebel.ini file, you must launch the Configuration Wizard manually. See Launching the Siebel Configuration Wizard.

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