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Installing and Configuring in Unattended Mode

This topic provides instructions for installing and configuring Siebel products in unattended mode.

Several configuration scenarios are possible with unattended mode installation. Unattended installation may be performed or without unattended configuration. Unattended configuration may also be invoked from GUI or console installation, or launched from the command line.

Before you begin setting up unattended installation for a Siebel Business Applications product, you must determine your requirements for installation and configuration. Review About Unattended or Console Mode Installation and Configuration. For example, the information presented in Table 21 may help you determine your overall process.

See also Installing and Configuring in Console Mode.

Process of Unattended Installation and Configuration

Unattended installation and configuration requires multiple tasks that you perform in the following sequence:

  1. Generating Installation and Configuration Response Files.
  2. (Optional) Editing siebel.ini Files for Unattended Installation and Configuration.
  3. Running Unattended Installation from the Command Line.
  4. If unattended configuration is not configured in the siebel.ini file, the overall process also requires launching the Configuration Wizard manually. See Launching the Siebel Configuration Wizard.
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