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Populating the Siebel File System

After you complete installing Database Configuration Utilities and configuring the Siebel Database, you must populate the Siebel File System.

Specific files needed to use the Siebel File System, such as correspondence templates and Siebel Marketing files, are provided with the Database Configuration Utilities software. A subdirectory called files is created when you install the Database Configuration Utilities.

The Siebel administrator must populate the att directory in the File System with these files after installing the Database Configuration Utilities, and before running the Siebel Web Client.

For information about creating the Siebel File System, see Creating the Siebel File System.

To populate the Siebel File System directory

  1. Copy the appropriate files from the files subdirectory of the Database Configuration Utilities software to the att subdirectory of the Siebel File System.
  2. Verify that the files are in the correct location.
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