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Installing Using the Siebel FastTrack Wizard

As an alternative to the main product installers described in this guide, the Siebel FastTrack Wizard provides a simplified user interface for installing and configuring all the major elements of a Siebel deployment on a single Windows machine:

  • Siebel Enterprise Server components: Siebel Gateway Name Server, Siebel Server, and Database Configuration Utilities
  • Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE)

The FastTrack Wizard is suitable for small to medium businesses (SMB). It may also facilitate setting up simple test or demonstration environments. The FastTrack Wizard is available for supported Microsoft Windows platforms only. This wizard assumes you are using the Microsoft IIS Web server.

The Siebel Database instance must be created on a Microsoft SQL Server database. The same Siebel Database requirements apply for SMB products as for standard Siebel Business Applications.

Installation prerequisites are the same as for installations using the main installers. See Requirements for Siebel Enterprise Server Installation and Configuration and Requirements for SWSE Installation and Configuration. For example, during configuration you are prompted to provide the Siebel Server name, which must meet documented requirements.

For most deployments, it may be best to use the main installers, which allow you to configure features that may not apply for an SMB or demo environment.

NOTE:  To add languages to an existing installation created using the FastTrack Wizard, you must use the main installers for each applicable product.

In general, the FastTrack Wizard presents a subset of the screens you would see in the main installers and Configuration Wizards. For more information, see applicable topics in this chapter and in Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components and Configuring the SWSE.

NOTE:  During installation, when the FastTrack Wizard prompts for the network image location, specify the directory containing the Siebel_Enterprise_Server and Siebel_Web_Server_Extension directories. For example, this directory might be D:\Siebel_Install_Image\\Windows\Server. The user running the FastTrack Wizard (smb.exe) must have write permission in the Siebel_Enterprise_Server and Siebel_Web_Server_Extension directories. See also Creating the Siebel Installation Image on the Network.

The default top-level installation directory is C:\sba80.

To run the Siebel FastTrack Wizard

  1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Siebel image location for the current software version. Then navigate to the directory where the installer is located.

    In this case, navigate to Siebel_Image\Windows\Server\Siebel_FastTrack_Wizard.


    • Siebel_Image = The directory for your version-specific Siebel network image, such as D:\Siebel_Install_Image\
  2. Double-click smb.exe.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete installation and configuration.

    If you installed multiple components, you can configure all installed components or exit the Configuration Wizards and configure later in the required sequence. Note that you cannot operate the Siebel Business Applications products until they are configured. If you cancel configuration and need to complete this process later, see the procedure below.

    You can run each Configuration Wizard only once to perform the applicable configuration tasks.

    For detailed information about configuration, see Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server and Related Components.

To complete configuration you have canceled

  • After the FastTrack Wizard has completed installation, if you canceled the configuration process, you can start the Configuration Wizards separately later. To do this, choose Start, All Programs, then Siebel Enterprise Server Configuration 8.0 (or navigate to the program group you specified when installing).

    Available configuration shortcuts include:

    • Siebel Gateway Name Server Configuration
    • Siebel Enterprise Configuration (includes task to create SWSE logical profile)
    • Siebel Server Configuration
    • Database Server Configuration (Siebel Database)
    • Management Agent Configuration (configure this product only if you are using Siebel Management Server and Management Agent in your deployment)
    • Siebel Web Server Extension Configuration (includes applying SWSE logical profile)

CAUTION:  In general, you must configure components in the above order. However, Management Agent could be configured after SWSE. See also Figure 1.

NOTE:  All shortcuts, except Management Agent Configuration, run the Configuration Wizards in a manner different from those created by the main installers—they run the wizards using SMB visibility mode. The main installers do not create the shortcut Siebel Gateway Name Server Configuration. For more information about visibility mode, see Configuration Wizard Syntax Elements.

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