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Installing Siebel Management Agent

This topic is part of Installing Siebel Management Agent and Siebel Management Server.

This topic describes how to install Siebel Management Agent in a Siebel environment, in a separate installation.

Before you start the installation tasks described here, review the requirements and make sure you adhere to those that apply for the installation of Siebel Management Agent. For details, see Requirements for Installing Siebel Management Agent and Siebel Management Server.

Siebel Management Agent can be installed in a Siebel environment that is hosted in a supported Windows or UNIX environment. If your Siebel environment contains multiple Siebel Servers, you can install Siebel Management Agent on all servers that are deployed to by Siebel ADM or monitored with the Siebel Diagnostic Tool.

NOTE:  By default, Siebel Management Agent is installed when you install Siebel Server. If you install an instance of Siebel Management Agent as part of Siebel Server installation, you can ignore the content in this topic and proceed to configuring Management Agent, as described in Configuring Siebel Management Agent.

This topic describes how to install Siebel Management Agent if you did not install it as part of the Siebel Server installation.

NOTE:  The following procedure is for installing the base product. For patch installation instructions, refer to the applicable Siebel Maintenance Release Guide on My Oracle Support. See also About Installing Siebel Releases.

To install Siebel Management Agent

  1. Log on to the machine that hosts the Siebel Server where you want to install Siebel Management Agent.
  2. Navigate to the Siebel image location that contains the installer for Siebel Management Agent. For example, navigate to:



    • Siebel_Image = The directory for your Siebel network image, such as D:\Siebel_Install_Image\ on Microsoft Windows.
    • Operating_System = The directory name that corresponds to the name of the operating system for which you want to obtain the installation files. For example, Solaris for Oracle Solaris, Windows for Microsoft Windows, and so on.
  3. Execute the appropriate command, as shown in the following table:
    For this operating system
    Execute this file

    Microsoft Windows










    NOTE:  For more information on supported platforms, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

    The screen Welcome to InstallShield Wizard for Siebel Management Agent appears.

  4. Click Next to proceed.

    A screen appears that asks you to specify the location where you install Siebel Management Agent.

  5. Accept the default directory location proposed by the installer or enter an alternative directory to install Siebel Management Agent, then click Next.

    The default installation directory is C:\sba80\mgmtagent on Microsoft Windows, or /siebel/mgmtagent on UNIX platforms.

    NOTE:  The installation directory location must not contain spaces; underscores are allowed.

    The installer displays the location into which it will install the Siebel Management Agent, and displays the disk space required for the installation.

  6. Review the information and take the appropriate action:
    • If the information is incorrect, click Back to correct the installation location.
    • If the information is correct, click Next.

      The InstallShield Wizard starts installation of Siebel Management Agent.

      On completion of the installation, a configuration wizard appears: Siebel Configuration Wizard - Siebel Management Agent Configuration.

  7. Either configure the Management Agent now, or cancel the wizard and configure it later.

    For information on the values to enter in this wizard, see Configuring Siebel Management Agent and Siebel Management Server.

  8. Click Finish to close the installer wizard.
  9. After installation is complete, review the installer log file to make sure no errors occurred during installation.

    On both Microsoft Windows and UNIX platforms, the installer writes output to a log file, log.txt, which is stored in the Siebel Management Agent installation directory.

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