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Process of Installing Siebel Tools

The Siebel Tools installation process has multiple tasks that you perform in the following sequence:

  1. Verify installation requirements. See Requirements for Siebel Tools Installation.
  2. Install Siebel Tools. See Installing the Siebel Tools Client.
  3. Perform postinstallation tasks. See Postinstallation Tasks for Siebel Tools.
    1. Connect to the Siebel Database and enter the license key. See Verifying Successful Installation of Siebel Tools.
    2. Verify the installation directory structure. See Verifying the Siebel Tools Directory Structure.
    3. Verify read/write access to the Siebel Tools directories. See Verify Read/Write Access to Siebel Tools Directories.
    4. Verify ODBC data sources. See Verify Siebel Tools ODBC Data Sources.
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