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Descriptions of Unattended or Console Mode Installation

This topic is part of About Unattended or Console Mode Installation and Configuration.

Descriptions of unattended mode and console mode follow.

  • Unattended mode. You can use unattended installation mode, sometimes referred to as silent installation mode, for better performance when installing multiple servers. Or, you might use unattended mode if user input during installation is not allowed in your environment, as may be the case in some secure environments.

    Unattended installation prepackages all required parameters so that you only need to execute a command to perform installation.

    Optionally, you can also perform configuration in unattended mode. If unattended configuration is not set up for a product requiring configuration, then you must launch the Configuration Wizard manually (using GUI mode or console mode) after unattended-mode installation.

    CAUTION:  Unattended installation and configuration provides no feedback or error notification. Therefore, it is vital that you test your settings in a development environment before system-wide deployment in a production environment. It is strongly recommended for you to become thoroughly familiar with GUI installation and configuration for any products for which you intend to perform unattended installation, optionally including unattended configuration.

  • Console mode. You can use console installation mode for better performance when installing multiple servers, or when installing over a WAN or VPN.

    Depending on your environment, installing in GUI mode can use large amounts of bandwidth, which could result in undesirable lag times during GUI installation over WAN or VPN. Console-mode installation provides a text-only user interface that lets you bypass the Java-based GUI.

    CAUTION:  If you perform console-mode installation, you must modify siebel.ini file settings to prevent the Configuration Wizard from launching, or else the installer will hang. After installation, you can manually launch the Configuration Wizard in any applicable mode.

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