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Uninstalling Siebel Clients

To uninstall Siebel application client software (Siebel Mobile Web Client, Siebel Developer Web Client, or Siebel Sample Database), run the Siebel Uninstallation Manager from the Windows Add or Remove Programs panel.

Any file that is updated by a user after installation is not deleted. After uninstallation, files remaining in the client installation directory can be safely deleted at the discretion of the administrator.

NOTE:  If you installed the Siebel Sample Database, you must uninstall it separately before you uninstall the Siebel client where you installed the Sample Database. Otherwise you will be unable to uninstall the Sample Database. You can uninstall the Sample Database and the Siebel client at the same time, using the Siebel Uninstallation Manager.

For installation information, see Installing Siebel Mobile Web Clients.

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