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Exporting SmartScripts

You can export SmartScripts using a menu option available in the Scripts view of the Administration - SmartScript screen. When you export a SmartScript, all the elements required for a SmartScript are copied to the destination file. When this file is imported into another Siebel database, the SmartScript must have all the elements required to execute successfully. Any conflicts with existing elements in the new database are resolved during the import process.

To export a SmartScript

  1. Navigate to the Administration - SmartScript screen > Scripts view.
  2. Select the SmartScript you want to export, and choose Export Script from the Menu button.

    The SmartScript Export Results view appears.

  3. Click the hyperlink that displays the name of the SmartScript to export the SmartScript.

    The File Download dialog box appears.

  4. Click Save to download the SmartScript.

    The Save As dialog box appears.

  5. Specify a location to save the SmartScript, then click Save.

    The SmartScript is exported to the location that you specify.

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