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About Client-Side Logging for High-Interactivity Applications

Client-side logging for high-interactivity applications allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot session and browser issues for Siebel Web Clients running in high-interactivity mode.

The two fundamental modes of deployment for a Siebel Web Client are:

  • Standard interactivity
  • High interactivity

Siebel employee applications are typically deployed in high-interactivity mode, whereas customer-facing applications are not. For more information about each of these modes, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

Client-side logging for high interactivity is supported only for computers running Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer (IE) and that support running applications in high-interactivity mode. UNIX is not supported. For more information about which versions are supported, see Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network.

Client-side logging for high-interactivity applications uses the Siebel event logging system to collect data and write the information to a text log file. The log file resides in the C:\SiebelLogs directory on the computer running the high-interactivity application.

Client-side logging for high interactivity allows you to:

  • Capture browser activity data for troubleshooting, such as when a Siebel Web Client stops responding or fails
  • Log individual user or global session information for a specific Siebel Server
  • Debug the source code using JavaScript
  • Trace the sequences of operations

For examples of client-side logging files, see Examples of Log Files for Client-Side Logging for High-Interactivity Applications.

Use the client-side logging for high-interactivity feature as a complement to the Siebel Diagnostic Tool feature and other system management tools. For more information about Siebel Diagnostic Tool, see Monitoring and Analyzing Data Using Siebel Diagnostic Tool.

NOTE:  For the sake of brevity, when referring to client-side logging throughout the rest of this chapter, be aware the content is specific only to high-interactivity mode, whether stated or not.

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