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About SiebelLogs Log File Archives

The archive folder for client-side logging for high interactivity applications holds historic log data up to a preset number of files. You set the maximum number of files to be held in the archive folder in the SEBLCL_LOGARCHIVECOUNT user environment variable. A new directory, SEBLCL_LOGDIR\logarchive, is created in the directory where the current log file is being created, and the log files are archived in that directory. The Siebel Web Client checks for any log files to be archived when a user logs in.

The current log file is typically identified as SiebelCL.<session_id>.log.


session_id is the unique session number created for the user.

When this log file reaches a preset file size limit (configured in the SEBLCL_LogFileSize environment variable or in the ClntLogFileSize server component parameter), another log file is created in the same folder (up to the limit specified in the ClntLogArchiveCount server component parameter) with the following convention:

SiebelCL. <session_id>.0n.log, SiebelCL.<session_id>.0(n+1).log

NOTE:  Recall that client-side settings take precedence over server-side settings.

For more information about configuring the log archive settings, see Configuring Server Component Parameters for Client-Side Logging for High-Interactivity Applications and Configuring Client User Environment Variables for Client-Side Logging for High-Interactivity Applications.

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