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Setting Preferences for Siebel Diagnostic Tool

This topic describes Siebel Diagnostic Tool Preferences and provides a procedure for using this functionality.

About Siebel Diagnostic Tool Preferences

The Diagnostic Preferences screen allows you to specify the preferred values for the Enterprise, Group, Server, Component, Start Time, End Time, and User Name fields. Then, when you use the analysis screens—Event Log Analysis, Server Performance Analysis, and User Performance Analysis— Siebel Diagnostic Tool displays the values you specified in the Preferences screen by default to the same fields in each query form. However, you can override the value that you set in the Preferences screen at any time by entering a different value for the field or by resetting your preferences.

For example, if you plan to regularly monitor the GenTrig server component, you can choose GenTrig from the Component drop-down list in the Preferences screen. Then, when you go to any of the analysis screens, the GenTrig component appears as the default for the Component field.

CAUTION:  Siebel Diagnostic Tool preferences are stored as cookies on Siebel Management Server, so you must have your browser set to show cookies in order to use this feature. You review and remove these cookies using your browser's controls.

Setting Siebel Diagnostic Tool Preferences

You use the Preferences screen to specify the preferred values for the query form fields.

To set preferences for Siebel Diagnostic Tool

  1. Launch Siebel Diagnostic Tool, if not already active, and then click Preferences.
  2. Enter values in the fields for which you want to specify the preferred values, and then click Save.

    A message appears indicating the preferences were saved.

    For a description of these fields, see About Siebel Diagnostic Tool Query Parameter Fields.

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