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Saving Log File Analyzer Output to Text Files

Use the following procedure to save the results of a Log File Analyzer (LFA) command to a text file. For information on running the LFA, see About Running Log File Analyzer Commands. Any LFA command that creates output can have the output channeled to a file.

To save Log File Analyzer output to text files

  • Enter:

    log_file_analyzer_command > file_name.txt


    log_file_analyzer_command = LFA command.

    file_name.txt = Name of the output text file.

    Make sure to:

    • Include the > character when saving output to a text file.
    • Specify a path name with the text filename if you want to save the log file to another directory, and not the Log File Analyzer (LFA) directory.


query litqry where literal = Parameter > output1.txt

This command saves the output from the litqry saved query to the text file named output1.txt. The LFA stores this output text file in the save directory as the Log File Analyzer directory.

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