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Listing Log File Information Using Log File Analyzer

Use the info command in the following procedure to list detailed information on the values of the run-time details. For a list of items available for use with the info command, see Listing Log File Analyzer Queries and Run-time Details.

For information on running the Log File Analyzer (LFA), see About Running Log File Analyzer Commands. For information on creating saved queries, see Creating and Saving Log File Analyzer Queries.

To list information on values for Log File Analyzer run-time details

  • Enter:

    info info_item


    info_item = The value of a list item of interest. See Table 38 for items available for listing (with the exception of list item all and queries).

List information on multiple list values by separating values with a comma or space for the info_item parameter.

For example, using the list command for users revealed an entry named asmith. Use the following command to list information on asmith:

info asmith

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