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About Siebel Application Statistics

Various statistics are recorded at the task level for every Siebel Server component task. You may use these statistics to:

  • Monitor the progress and performance of a task, component, or Siebel Server
  • Optimize system performance

When the task completes its operation, task-level statistics (gathered dynamically during the operation of a task) roll up to the component and Siebel Server levels.

Two types of statistics exist for task-level Siebel Server statistics:

  • Subsystem statistics. Common to every component process (such as process management, networking, database access, and file I/O) and tracked for each component task.
  • Component-specific statistics. Only applicable to the component for which the statistics are defined.

When a task for a component completes its operation, both generic and component-specific statistics roll up to the component level. Only generic statistics roll up to the Siebel Server level.

Statistics on the component level includes data for all completed tasks on interactive and batch mode components. Statistics for component tasks that are still running are not included. Check the tasks directly to monitor statistics for running tasks on interactive and batch mode components. For information on monitoring task statistics, see Monitoring Server Component Task Statistics. For background mode components, the statistic rollup behavior is slightly different because the component tasks are never complete. For background components, the component statistics change whenever a statistic value is updated by the running component task.

For a listing and brief descriptions of Siebel application statistics, see List of Statistics and State Values.

NOTE:  If some Siebel application statistics are not visible, set the parameter Show Advanced Objects (alias ShowAdvancedObjects) to TRUE for the server component Server Manager (alias ServerMgr). For further information on advanced objects, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

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