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About Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Log Files

Siebel flight data recorder files (extension .fdr) are records of system and server component behavior at run time. In the event of a system or server component failure, the settings and events leading up to the failure are captured and logged. The Siebel flight data recorder log file can then be forwarded to Siebel Technical Support and used to troubleshoot and analyze the specific settings and events that occurred prior to the failure. The Siebel flight data recorder log files are stored in the Binary subdirectory of the Siebel Server root directory. They appear in the following form:

  • T<YYYYMMDDHHMM>_P<process id value>.fdr


    YYYYMMDDHHMM is the timestamp

    process id value is the identification number of the process that failed or was stopped.

For example:


is a filename that is based on a component that was started on March 18, 2005 at 4:01 PM where the process id value was 1376.

The Siebel flight data recorder feature is enabled by default. However, FDR activation requires the execution of at least one instrumentation point to generate a log file. If a failure happens before execution of the first instrumentation point, no log file is generated. Instrumentation points are embedded in some workflow business services to provide capture-processing details in case of a system failure or server component failure. For more information about instrumentation and instrumentation points, see Siebel Performance Tuning Guide and Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide, respectively.

NOTE:  FDR files are stored in binary format and cannot be read with a text editor.

Setting the environment variable SIEBEL_CRASH_HANDLER to 0 disables the creation of FDR files, in addition to several other logging functions. Only set this variable to 0 in consultation with Siebel Technical Support.

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