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Configuring Automatic JRE Downloads

A Java runtime environment (JRE) is required to access certain features when using a high-interactivity client. Supported JRE versions are described in Siebel System Requirements and Supported Platforms on Oracle Technology Network. Because not all users of Siebel applications in high-interactivity mode require such features, the browser health check treats the JRE as a recommendation rather than a requirement, by default. Determine whether the JRE is required for your deployment. For more information about the browser health check, see Using the Browser Health Check.

To make sure that clients connecting to a Siebel application in high-interactivity mode, such as Siebel Call Center, have the correct version of the JRE installed, specify a value for the AOM component parameter JREDownloadUrl (alias JREDownloadUrl). You specify a URL value for this parameter to automatically download an ActiveX download file (CAB file), which installs the JRE version to the client machine, if the JRE version is not installed already. To find the correct URL value to use as the parameter, see:

For information about the requirements to allow the distribution of CAB files in a Siebel environment, see ActiveX Requirements in High-Interactivity Deployments.

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