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About System Alert Notification

System alert notification is a feature that allows a running server component to alert the administrator-using preconfigured communication channels-to any problems that cannot be handled by the server component.

The system alert notification process starts when a server component that has been configured for component notification encounters a problem. This component sends a request to the Siebel Administrator Notification component (alias AdminNotify) with details on the encountered problem and with an appropriate message to send to the administrator. The AdminNotify component then alerts the administrator using the preconfigured communication channels, for example, email.

AdminNotify is a batch-mode, multithreaded server component and is part of the Auxiliary System Management (alias SystemAux) component group. This server component is enabled by default.

To configure Siebel Server components for notification using the Server Manager GUI, see Process of Configuring Siebel Enterprise Server System Alerts.

To configure Siebel Server components for notification using the Server Manager command-line interface, see System Alert Notification Commands.

Note the following points about system alert notification:

  • A server component event or task event triggers a system alert notification.
  • Losing database connectivity does not trigger a system alert notification.
  • If a Siebel Server that hosts an AdminNotify server component is forced to shut down, then the AdminNotify server component also shuts down, resulting in the loss of the system alert notifications for server components or tasks on that Siebel Server.
  • A server component or task on a Siebel Server cannot trigger an alert on an AdminNotify server component that is hosted by another Siebel Server in the Siebel Enterprise Server.
  • A change in the state of a component (for example, from running to online) does not trigger a system alert notification.
  • An administrator shutting down a server component does not trigger an alert.
  • The server components required for the communications channel that delivers the system alert notification must be enabled.
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