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About Starting Siebel Server Components

When a component group is enabled, all server components within the component group are started and assigned to the Siebel Servers. The Siebel Servers are configured to use the component group provided that the server components are configured to start automatically. If the server components are not configured to start automatically, you must start them manually.

You determine the state of a server component by viewing the value that appears in the State field of the server component view. Server components can have one of the following possible values:

  • Running. The server component is online, accepting requests, and at least one task is running.
  • Online. The server component is online and awaiting a request.
  • Unavailable. The server component is unavailable.
  • Paused. The server component is online but is not accepting new requests.
  • Shutting down. The server component is shutting down and cannot accept new requests. At least one task is still running.
  • Shutdown. The server component is shut down.

See the following topics for more information on how to manage server components on the Siebel Server:

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