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Checking Your Enterprise and Siebel Server Configurations

One of the main objectives of your enterprise and Siebel Server configurations is to make sure server components are properly configured and ready to execute tasks. Check the following bullet list to make sure you meet the necessary configuration conditions for this objective:

If the previously listed conditions are true, the Siebel Server allocates resources (some space in the shared memory and a public port) for the server component to use when the Siebel Server starts. The Siebel Server also marks the server component ready (available) to start new tasks and performs any additional steps necessary, for example, starting shells if the server component is multithreaded. The number of multithreaded shells started is governed by the parameter Minimum MT Servers (alias MinMTServers). If the server component is a background mode component, it starts the background number of tasks governed by the parameter Default Tasks (alias DfltTasks).

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