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About Siebel Component Parameters

Component parameters set the attributes specific to a particular component type. These parameters are set initially when the defined component is created. When you assign a component to a Siebel Server, the component inherits the Siebel Enterprise Server and Siebel Server parameters applicable to that Siebel Server. The three types of parameters (except those marked Fixed when the defined component was created) can be overridden for the particular component on that Siebel Server.

By default, if component-level parameters are changed, any future configurations to Siebel Enterprise Server or Siebel Server-level parameters do not cascade down to the component parameter level for that particular parameter. To restore this functionality, see To delete a server component parameter override.

New values for component-level dynamic parameters (parameters marked as Effective Immediately) set using the Siebel Server Manager apply to subsequently started tasks, unless these values are overridden at a lower level.

New values for static parameters (parameters not marked Effective Immediately) do not apply to subsequently started tasks until you stop and restart the Siebel Server System Service. For both fixed and static parameters, the Siebel Server Manager views continue to show both the current value and the value upon Siebel Server restart.

See About Siebel System Parameters for background information on other Siebel system parameters.

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