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Administering the Siebel Application Object Manager

You can monitor Siebel Application Object Managers (AOM) at:

  • The server level using Siebel Server
  • The component level using AOM components
  • The task level using AOM tasks

For further information on monitoring the AOM server component, see Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide.

At each of these levels, you can:

  • Use the Siebel Server Administration views to monitor:
    • State values
    • Statistics
    • Log file

      For further details on AOM state values, statistics, and log files, see Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide.

  • Use the Siebel Server Component Parameters view to set the AOM-specific parameters.
  • Start, stop, pause, or resume any AOM tasks.

At the component event level, you can enable SQL tracing to view the SQL that is generated for the selected AOM. You can enable SQL spooling on the object manager task by setting the Object Manager SQL Log event parameter to 4 at the component event level. For further details on event logging, see Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide.

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