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About Server Request Processor

The Server Request Processor (alias SRProc) and the Server Request Broker (alias SRBroker) are jointly responsible for the processing of both synchronous and asynchronous requests from a variety of Siebel Server components. SRProc is a background-mode component that handles requests between the Siebel Server and the database. There can only be one instance of SRProc for each Siebel Server. The following components rely on a functioning SRProc and SRBroker:

  • Assignment Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • EAI
  • EIM
  • Field Service (all components)
  • Incentive Compensation Manager
  • Interactive Assignment
  • Workflow Manager

If either of the SRBroker or SRProc components become unavailable for any reason, the ability for intercomponent request execution is severely affected. This situation is due to the request mechanism (Component Jobs) of the Server Manager GUI, which relies on a functioning SRBroker and SRProc to schedule and process requests. However, the server manager command-line interface program bypasses this request mechanism permitting the user to start (but not schedule) a component task by using the command-line interface if either or both the SRBroker or SRProc components are unavailable (or, alternatively, restarting the SRBroker or SRProc components). For more information on using the server manager command-line interface program, see Using the Siebel Server Manager Command-Line Interface.

In order to make sure that these components experience as little downtime as possible, there are a number of parameters available against the components that make sure they are automatically restarted in the event of a failure. See information in Siebel Server Components and Parameters on the parameters Default Tasks (alias DfltTasks), Default Processes (alias DfltProcs), and Auto-Restart (alias AutoRestart).

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