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About Siebel Server Scheduler (SrvrSched)

The Siebel Server Scheduler (alias SrvrSched) is a component that belongs in the System Management component group. It supports the running of the Siebel Server and server components by spawning component processes as requested by the Siebel Server. No entries for the Siebel Server Scheduler component appear in the Siebel Server log file. Instead, entries appear for the component for which the Siebel Server Scheduler component spawns a process. A network message eventually assigns the process to the component it is supposed to run. The process loads the component and runs it.

CAUTION:  Do not modify Siebel Server Scheduler without instructions from Global Customer Support. For help modifying Siebel Server Scheduler, create a service request (SR) on My Oracle Support. Alternatively, you can phone Global Customer Support directly to create a service request or get a status update on your current SR. Support phone numbers remain the same and are listed on My Oracle Support.

NOTE:  Because of the nature of the Siebel Server Scheduler component, the Siebel Server Scheduler task IDs that appear in the log files do not have an appropriate entry in the Server Manager GUI Administration-Server Management screen. For the same reason, no entry appears in the Components view of the Server Manager GUI Administration-Server Configuration screen for this component.

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