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Siebel Server Management Commands

Use the Siebel Server management commands to start or stop a Siebel Server.

To start a Siebel Server

  • Enter:

    startup appserver siebel_server_name

To shut down a Siebel Server

  • Enter:

    shutdown appserver siebel_server_name

To back up Siebel Gateway Name Server information

  • Enter one of the following:
      • backup nameserver [file_name]
      • backup namesrvr [file_name]

        If a file name is not specified, the backup file is named with the date and time in the format siebns.dat_yyyymmdd_hhmmss. This file, by default, is stored in the same folder where the siebns.dat is located (<Gateway Root>\ADMIN on Windows, or <Gateway Root>/sys on UNIX.)

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