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Command Syntax

This chapter lists the command-line syntax and usage for Siebel Server Manager commands.

Component names and parameter names used in the command-line interface differ from the Siebel Server Manager GUI. To get the actual component and parameter names used in the command-line interface use the list commands. For information on using list commands, see List Commands.

For user-defined values such as siebel_server_name, component_alias_name, and parameter_alias_name, you need to enclose these values in quotes if the value:

  • Contains spaces
  • Is a keyword such as server or component that you do not want to be parsed

For example, you need to enclose the Siebel Server name in double quotes for the following command because the Siebel Server name contains a space:

start task for component EIM server "North America" with Config=default.ifb

NOTE:  If a srvrmgr command happens to contain nested quotes, that is, quotes contained within quotes, precede the inner quotes by the back slash escape character (\).

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