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Administering Siebel Management Agents on UNIX

This section describes how to start and stop a Siebel Management Agent on UNIX.

To start a Siebel Management Agent on UNIX

  1. Log in as a user with permissions to execute the Siebel Management Agent.
  2. Make the root directory for the Siebel Management Agent the current directory.
  3. Enter the following command to start a Siebel Management Agent:

    This command starts two processes:

    • The process
    • A Java process that is a child process of the process

To stop a Siebel Management Agent on UNIX

  1. Log in as the Siebel Service owner user.
  2. Identify the processes that executing the process created.
  3. Kill the following processes in the following order:
    • Java process that has a parent process ID which matches the process ID of the process
    • process

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