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About the Special Behavior for Position-Specific Contact Data in Life Sciences

NOTE:  The preferred method of copying position-specific data is by using the From Territory # field when defining territory rules, as described in Setting Up Territory Alignment for Assignment of Sales Representatives. The method described here is retained for backward compatibility.

In Siebel Life Sciences, the contact record displays some position-specific data including rep specialty, last call date, and primary address. This position-specific data is stored in the position-contact table, S_POSTN_CON.

When a new position is added to a contact team during an alignment, the most recent data (for rep specialty, last call date, and primary address) is copied from a position in the same hierarchy and division to the new position's row in the position-contact table. The effects of this copy action are:

  • When a representative who is newly assigned to contact team looks at the contact record, he or she sees the last call date field populated with the date of the last call made by a representative in the same hierarchy and division.
  • When the original representative is removed from a contact team and replaced by another, the rep specialty, last call date and primary address is not lost but is transferred.

If multiple positions in the same hierarchy and division belong to the team, the data copied is from most recently updated row in the position-contact table.

NOTE:  If existing data already includes more than one representative, position-specific data is copied from the primary position of the territory.

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