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Reviewing and Changing Your New Territory Assignments (Sales Representative)

After the territory administrator has run the alignment, sales representatives can look at their new territory assignments. If sales representatives want to change any assignments, they can edit the rules that determine that assignment and submit the modified rule to their reporting manager.

When sales representatives navigate to the Territories Management screen, Territories List view and display My Territories, they see only the territories that they have been assigned to by the published alignment.

This task is a step in the Process of Setting Up and Running Territory Alignments.

To review and change territory assignments

  1. Navigate to the Inbox screen, Inbox Items List.

    There is one inbox item for each alignment published.

  2. Drill down on the name of the inbox item.

    The application displays the alignment in the Territory Management screen, Alignments List view.

  3. In the Alignments list, drill down on the alignment whose rules you want to review.
  4. Under the Rules tab for the alignment, click the Contacts, Accounts, or Geography view tab to display the rules that you want to review.

    The Geography view tab displays either postal code or geo zone rules, depending on which of these the Territories Administrator created.

  5. For any rule you want to change, select Exclude in the Rep Action field.

    When you select Exclude in the Rep Action field, the Action value is reversed: Add is changed to Drop and Drop is changed to Add.

  6. After you have made all needed changes in rules, on the Alignment Form of Alignments List view, click Submit Changes.

    The Rep Action fields in these rules become read-only for the sales representative. The changed rules are submitted to the territory administrator.

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