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Excluding Addresses of Contacts, Accounts, or Assets from Territory Alignments

By default, all the addresses for a contact, account, or asset are used in alignments. You can exclude some of these addresses from alignments by deselecting the Alignment Flag checkbox of the address record.

You can change this default by changing the user property Filter Addresses of the Target Object Selector business service. This user property has the following options:

  • Primary. Only primary addresses are used.
  • Alignment Flag. Only Addresses with Alignment Flag selected are used.
  • Primary & Align Flag. Only addresses with either Primary or Alignment Flag selected are used.
  • None. All addresses are used.

The default value for this user property is Primary & Align Flag. The following procedure applies only if you have not changed this default.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up and Running Territory Alignments.

To exclude addresses of contacts, accounts, or assets from alignments

  1. Navigate to the Contacts, Accounts, or Assets screen, List view.
  2. In the list, drill down on the name of the desired contact, account, or asset.
  3. In the Address field, click the select button.
  4. In the Contact Addresses, Account Addresses, or Assets Addresses dialog box, deselect the Alignment Flag checkbox for all addresses that you do not want used in alignments, and click OK.
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