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The CSSBCFINOppty class provides behaviors to support special cases related to Opportunities.

Usage Guidelines

You can use the CSSBCFINOppty class to implement a specialized Opportunity business component that executes special cases, such as the following:

  • When you want no search specification on the business component so that the user can see all Opportunities in the secure Admin view.
  • When you want Secured Opportunities to be viewed only by the associated Sales Rep.

Additionally, Siebel Automotive uses this class to enable Send Letter (CTRL+L) functionality directly from the business component.

The Name field (name of the Opportunity) is required by this class.


CSSBCOppty Class

Accessible Methods

The following method is accessible from CSSBCFINOppty: SetSecureAdminView Method. For more information on this method, see CSSBCFINOppty Methods.

Business Component User Properties

The following business component user properties are available for use in CSSBCFINOppty. For more information on these and other user properties, see User Properties.

Field User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations


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