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CSSBCAccountSIS Class

CSSBCAccountSIS is one of many in the hierarchy of classes that make up the Account Module in Siebel Industry Applications. The primary purpose of this class is to manage a hierarchical account through its life cycle. In the Account hierarchy, if a Parent Account is deleted or made a child of another parent, then the CSSBCAccountSIS class maintains the correct relationships between accounts (for example, making sure that a child account is correctly related to its immediate parent and the ultimate parent). Thus the hierarchical relationship between accounts is maintained when changes are made to any element in the hierarchy.

This class also contains functionality used in Siebel Life Sciences applications that automatically schedules Account calls based on the Account's best times to call.

Usage Guidelines

CSSBCAccountSIS can only be used for Account business components because the internal class methods perform tasks specific to the Account data element, and require a specific set of fields to evaluate the hierarchy.


CSSBCBase Class

Accessible Methods

There are no accessible methods implemented in CSSBCAccountSIS. However, the inherited CSSBCBase Methods are available from this class.

Business Component User Properties

The following business component user properties are available for use in CSSBCAccountSIS. For more information on these and other user properties, see User Properties.

Field User Properties

Not applicable

Dependencies and Limitations

The functionality of this class is highly specialized. It is not recommended that you use this class for typical business components. The functionality in this class relies on specific field names and other business components to fully accomplish its tasks. Additionally, for the Auto Schedule functionality, the names of the controls in the Auto Schedule pop-up applet are hard coded in the class, so they must not be changed.

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