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CanInvokeMethod: MethodName

This user property allows you to enable and disable methods, or buttons by disabling the methods the buttons invoke, declaratively at the applet level. It is easier to use than PreCanInvokeMethod scripting and in many cases can be used instead.


CanInvokeMethod: MethodName


Value or expression that returns TRUE or FALSE or the literal values TRUE or FALSE


This user property is used to enable and disable methods declaratively. When the value is TRUE or the expression returns TRUE, then the method is enabled, otherwise it is disabled.

For example, Copy Record on the Partner Product List Applet is disabled by default:

  • Name: CanInvokeMethod: CopyRecord
  • Value: FALSE

Consider also the following example of using an expression for the value on the SIS Account List Applet where you want to enable the copy record feature for accounts that have a status, but disable this feature for all other accounts:

  • Name: CanInvokeMethod: CopyRecord
  • Value: [Account Status] IS NOT NULL

You can inactivate or modify the value for this user property. You can also create new instances of this user property as needed.

Parent Object Type


Functional Area

CSSFrame, CSSFrameList, and their subclasses

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