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Parent Read Only Field: buscompname

This user property allows you to specify multiple TRUE/FALSE (Y or N) tests on parent business components similarly to Parent Read Only Field.


The value for the Parent Read Only Field: buscompname user property specifies the name of the field in the parent business component that has a calculated value that evaluates to TRUE or FALSE (Y or N).


The behavior of this user property is similar to that of Parent Read Only Field, but its name, rather than its value, specifies the parent business component. When the calculated value of the specified field evaluates to TRUE or Y, the child business component becomes read-only.

This user property allows you to have multiple possibilities for making the current record read only. For example, if you want to make a contact record read only in the case of a service request, account, or opportunity parent based on different fields in the parents, you enter values similar to the following:

Parent Read Only Field: Service Request
Value: some field 1

Parent Read Only Field: Account
Value: some field 2

Parent Read Only Field: Opportunity
Value: some field 3

Then, if the current record in the Contact business component has a parent of either Service Request, Account, or Opportunity and the field specified in the Value property evaluates to true, the record is read only.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Data-driven access

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