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Disable Buscomp Hierarchy

This user property allows you to prevent hierarchical relationships from being displayed in list applets.




Hierarchical list applets are used to show records that have a hierarchical relationship. The hierarchy is implemented in the parent business component by setting the Hierarchy Parent Field property, and rendered by using icons that appear in the first column of the list applet. For more information on hierarchical list applets, see the topic on specialized behavior supported by Web templates in Configuring Siebel Business Applications.

To disable the rendering of hierarchical relationships in a list applet, add this user property to the applet, with the value TRUE.

  • Name: Disable Buscomp Hierarchy
  • Value: TRUE

This user property can be found on standard list applets such as Asset Mgmt - Asset List Applet.

Parent Object Type


Functional Area

Hierarchical list applets

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