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This user property allows you to specify a common prefix for business component field names.


The value for the DefaultPrefix user property is the string that is the prefix in names of the required fields for a file attachment business component. The value is not enclosed in quotes.


Each file attachment business component in the CSSBCFile class has a set of required fields. The names of those required fields are the same across file attachment business components, except for a prefix that is unique to each file attachment business component. See Table 10.

The value of the DefaultPrefix user property is the unique field name prefix of the file attachment business component. For example, the value of DefaultPrefix is "Accnt" for the Account Attachment business component because this business component's required fields are named AccntDockStatus, AccntFileDate, AccntFileName, and so on.

This user property is used by methods to construct the complete field names for required fields in any file attachment business component, in order to access those fields. By using the default prefix to build the required field names for a file attachment business component, a method can access those required fields without being provided the literal names of those fields.

You can modify the value for this user property. You cannot create more than one instance of this user property, and you cannot inactivate this user property.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

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