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Field Read Only Field: fieldname

This user property sets a specific field in a business component to be read-only.


The value of this user property is the name of a field that contains a Boolean value.


The name of the Field Read Only Field user property must specify the name of a field (fieldname) in the business component. The value of Field Read Only Field is typically a second field, which is Boolean.

When the field specified by the value evaluates to TRUE, the field specified by fieldname in the current record is set to read-only.

For example, if Field Read Only Field: Sales Rep has a value of Calculated Primary Flag, then the Sales Rep field is set to read-only when Calculated Primary Flag is TRUE.

CAUTION:  Do not use this user property with the Abstract field of the Service Request business component. If you do, you cannot add activities or attachments to service requests. The Siebel application checks the Abstract field to determine if it is read-only; if it is read-only, then the entire Service Request business component becomes read-only.

NOTE:  This user property does not function on the Fund Request business component because of the specialized business component code in its parent class CSSBCFundReq.

Parent Object Type

Business Component

Functional Area

Data-driven access

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