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About Cross-Referencing Records with External Systems

Cross-referencing of customer identification allows organizations to store the Customer Identification from external systems within the Siebel Universal Customer Master application. This cross-reference permits a one-to-many mapping of customer records across multiple systems throughout the organization. In other words, one record in Siebel UCM can map to one or more records in each registered application in UCM. Siebel Master Data Applications support Account, Contact, and Household party object cross-referencing.

When external systems send a request message to the Siebel Server with a request to insert a party record or a request to update a party record, the reference records are systematically entered into the Siebel UCM. The Unique Customer Identification number from external systems is embedded within the <Id> tag of the request message.

The System Administrator can manually cross-reference records from the Siebel Master Data Applications Administration Screen. For information on this task, see Cross-Referencing Records with External Systems.

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