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Managing Pending Updates from External Systems

Duplicate Universal Customer Master (UCM) records are identified by the application and listed in the Incoming Duplicates screen. This screen displays incoming record updates from external systems that match to one existing record within UCM below the automatic update threshold or match to multiple existing records within UCM above the manual update threshold. Administrative users can evaluate the records and decide whether to update the records manually or create new records to add to the UCM.

When updating records—by selecting the Link and Update button—the UCM application:

  • Saves a copy of the existing best version record into the record's History.
  • Links the record from the external system to the existing best version in UCM.
  • Invokes survivorship rules to produce a new best version of the record.

For information on other UCM data management tasks, see About Managing UCM Data.

To update or promote duplicate UCM records

  1. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Administration - Universal Customer Master screen.
  2. From the link bar, select Incoming Duplicates.
  3. Select either the Duplicate Accounts tab or Duplicate Contacts tab.
  4. In the Account or Contact Source list, select the source record of interest.

    The records in this list are identified as duplicates of the base UCM record in the lower view. The record columns provide detail on each Account or Contact, including the source external system where the record originated.

  5. In the lower Duplicate tab, review the UCM record that is in conflict with the record or records in the Source list.

    The record columns in this list provide details on the existing Account or Contact in the UCM. The score field determines how close the incoming record matches the existing record.

  6. After review, select the source record of interest and update the two records by clicking Link and Update or promote the new record by clicking Create New.
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