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About System Publish and Subscribe Modes

Siebel Master Data Applications uses one of three modes to publish or update data: real-time mode, batch mode, and event mode. Details on how these modes function within the application are as follow.

For details on configuring these modes, see Configuring System Publish and Subscribe for Siebel Master Data Applications.

Real-Time Mode

When configured, the real-time mode of the publish and subscribe functionality runs when another process or business service explicitly invokes the UCM Publish/Subscribe Service business service. The calling process sends this business service a record to publish. The following workflow processes provide examples of real-time publishing: The UCM Customer Profile Integration Process, UCM Account Batch Data Management Workflow, and UCM Contact Batch Data Management Workflow.

Batch Mode

During a batch mode operation, the UCMBatchPubSub server component calls the UCM Daily Publish workflow process. This workflow process calls the UCM Publish/Subscribe Service business service, and this business service checks if it is being run on a server component. If the service is being run on a server component, it retrieves the server parameters for UCM Batch Object Type (alias UCMBatchObjectType), UCM Batch Size (alias UCMBatchSize), and UCM Sleep Time (alias UCMSleepTime). Then the business service iteratively runs through the following steps until the server component stops:

  1. Creates an internal search specification, SearchSpec, for the business component based on the following format:

    '(([Last Update - SDQ] <= 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss') AND ([Last Update - SDQ] > 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss'))'


    mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss arguments = the current time and the current time less the UCMSleepTime parameter value (default value of 60 seconds).

    [Last Update - SDQ] = the business component field name of the integration component field name specified by the SearchFieldName user property configured in the UCMBatchObjectType integration object. By default, the IO CIFContact has the IC property SearchFieldName = Last Update, which maps to the BC Contact's field Last Update - SDQ component field value [Last Update - SDQ]

  2. The search specification is passed to the EAI Siebel Adapter, and it uses the method QueryPage with the SearchSpec against the UCMBatchObjectType to find the records that have changed or are new. The UCMBatchSize parameter value is used to determine how many records are returned in the query page's result set.
  3. For each record returned in the query page's result set, it is published according to the registered UCM systems that have the object defined in the Publish/Subscribe view, that have a publish frequency set to Batch, and that are not expired.

Event Mode

Any system configured for Real-time or Daily-Batch mode can also subscribe to Event mode if that system requires the message to be published when an event occurs. Events refer to Siebel UCM operations such as Merge or Unmerge or Link and Update or Create New and so on. Though preconfigured, these events do not get published; Siebel UCM can be customized to prepare the outbound message (resulting from such operations) by using UCM Publish/Subscribe Service—EventPublishMethod.

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